Newsletter July 2021: Crisis in the Region

In late July, the region seemed to be ablaze. The massive protests for democratic order in Eswatini, rising COVID death toll across the region and  Food Protests in South Africa which was said to be brought on by the imprisonment of ex-President Jacob Zuma. To many, this did not occur as a coincidence. No this was a showing of … More Newsletter July 2021: Crisis in the Region

Statement: These are Hunger Strikes!!!

  Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) South Africa  The Rural Women’s Assembly is a movement of poor women in the villages, informal settlements, and rural towns across the country. Many are small-scale producers, small-scale farmers, farm workers, fishers and small informal traders selling vetkoeks and vegetables.   We live from hand to mouth, dependent on social welfare. … More Statement: These are Hunger Strikes!!!

2021, the year of the Vaccine, or is it?

The year 2021 did not have an easy start in the region. First, we met the new year with Cyclone Eloise in Mozambique, followed swiftly by the crisis in Cabo Delgado and surrounding provinces in Mozambique. COVID19 still rapidly spreads across the region as we speak, with a variant that is more deadly than ever. We also welcomed the arrival of … More 2021, the year of the Vaccine, or is it?


In this time of COVID-19, one thing that is apparent, is the deep division that the pandemic has highlighted. In particular, European countries, Canada, and the USA have pre-ordered large numbers of vaccine doses which exceed the need of their own populations. Some of these aforementioned countries are refusing to vaccinate migrants and asylum seekers or populations … More #VaccinesForAll

Happy Africa Day

Though this is a day dedicated to the liberation of Africa, only 12 countries of the 54 on the African Continent celebrates this day as a Public Holiday. Though this is not essential, it is tellin of the state of the continent in relation to its liberation. On this day in 2021, we are gathered … More Happy Africa Day

Rural Women’s Assembly Statement on UNDROP 24 May 2021

Rural women call on the government to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP) to protect the rights of small-scale farmworkers. Women from all over the country who gathered for the South African Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) land conference in Franschhoek this week are … More Rural Women’s Assembly Statement on UNDROP 24 May 2021

Land Conference

Rural Women’s Assembly South Africa Land Conference Boschendal, Franshoek 23-25 May 2021 “Rural women are the guardians of seed, life and love. Without land, seeds cannot be planted. Without land, life cannot be brought forth and without land in the hands of women, the love for nature does not exist while corporate control rapidly destroys … More Land Conference

RAPE Statistics in South Africa, 1st Quarter 2021

Today, the South African Police Services released crime statistics for the first quarter of 2021. An astounding 9518 cases of RAPE has been reported for a period of three months between January and March this year! A sample of 6893 of rape incidents revealed that 4130 of such incidents took place at the home of … More RAPE Statistics in South Africa, 1st Quarter 2021