Upcoming Event: RWA Feminist School: 17 – 23 July 2016

The RWA Feminist School is taking place on 17 – 23 July 2016. The theme for this year feminist School will focus on ‘Our body, our land, our seeds as our territory’. Central to the focus of this theme is the issue of patriarchy, power relations and the care economy and how to build and strengthen movements to challenge patriarchy and power. The key question that the school seeks to address is: How is patriarchy and power playing out in the daily lives of rural women? The key objectives of the school include:

  • To create a space for sharing and learning building on existing experiences while reflecting on the situation that women face
  • To build capacity on movement building
  • To build internal capacity of a movements because rural women know their own realities better
  • To develop a layer of critical thinking, conscious feminist activists inside RWA
  • To create a direct link between feminist theory and feminist practice and movement building
  • To strengthen internal networking and linkages

feminist school note


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