4 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. I hope that this mail finds you well. Allow me to introduce myself, my
    name is Malanga Jeff and I am writing to you from Zambia. I am
    currently managing an NGO called LifeSkills Development Foundation.
    http://www.sportanddev.org/en/connect/organisation.cfm?org=164. As a brief background of our work, LifeSkills Development Foundation is an NGO that exists to utilize the power of sport to address social development issues affecting young people in our communities. Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, HIV/AIDS, Youth Development and Education are among the social development issues being addressed.

    I am writing to you because a colleague called Cecilia for Afrikagrupperna recommended your organization Rural Women Assembly to me. I am interested in getting to know about we can participate and get involved in your programmes that you currently implement in Zambia.

    I envision that joining the programmes will be a great learning experience for networking collaboration and can assist our target groups in the communities. Within the framework of the collaboration, LSDF will target women and girls in the rural set up who continue to be marginalized and do not have access to empowerment opportunities due to their location. In Zambia rural communities there is general lack of transportation, recreational facilities, decent housing, health care, educational institutions, and other basic facilities and services in the agriculture-based rural and women are the most affected.

    By collaborating with Rural Women Assembly., we envision that some of these challenges can be turned into opportunities that will empower women and girls.

    Thank you for considering my email and I look forward to hearing from
    you at your earliest convenience.

    Malanga Jeff

  2. Hi, I am doing research on women in environmental social movements and would like to get in contact with your organisation. Do you have current contact details?

    Many thanks,


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